Rally Towels

Production Time:

• 3-5 Days

Available Products:

• Rally Towels - 10x18 Inch
• Rally Towels - 10x18 Inch - Microfiber No Hole
• Rally Towels - 10x18 Inch - Microfiber With Hole
• Rally Towels - 15x18 Inch

Rally Towels Overview:

A great way to show off your team spirit is with the NEW S&K Printshop Rally Towel. These rally towels can be printed in full color edge to edge to highlight your favorite team, product or business. These Rally Towels are unique to the industry as they are printed on Ultra Thin, Ultra Smooth polyester material that can be used to clean glasses, phone and computer screens, camera lenses and more! These quality towels are a great giveaway at an event or in your showroom as the fans will love to wave them around when their favorite team is ready for the big play!

Product Information:

There are two versions of our Rally Towels. We have one that has a 1 inch hole in one corner that makes it easy to insert a finger to let you twirl it to show your support to your favorite team. The other version does not have the hole.

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S&K Overview Video:

TOWEL - 10x18 Eyeglass Cloth Rally Towel - No Hole PSD CDR EPS
TOWEL - 10x18 Eyeglass Cloth Rally Towel - With Hole PSD CDR EPS
TOWEL - 15x18 Inch Rally Towel VIEW

Some/All of these templates will fit on a 16"x20" Press!

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