Production Time:

• 3-5 Days

Available Products:

• Towel - 28x56 Inch 100% Polyester (Good)
• Towel - 30x60 100% Polyester Plush (Better)
• Towel - 30x60 Inch Cotton Side/Poly Side(Best)

Towels Overview:

If you are at the beach or in the bath, you need a way to dry off. Our customizable towels are a great way to get dry in style! We offer 3 different towels, depending on your needs. Our A) 100% Polyester Towel (GOOD) is a lightweight towel. The B) 100% Polyester Plush (BETTER) towel is our most popular as it is very soft and absorbent. The towel has the feel of a soft blanket! The C) 2 Sided: Cotton/Poly (BEST) towel offers the best of both worlds, cotton on one side and Polyester on the other. All of our towels can be printed with full bleed.

Product Information:

The towels we offer can be loaded with artwork from edge to edge. The (A) towel is a 28x56 inch towel and has more of a terrycloth type feel to it than our others. This is great for those with a budget. Our (B) and (C) towels are larger, 30x60 and are very thick and absorbent. All of our towels are white.

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TOWEL - 28x56 Inch VIEW
TOWEL - 30x60 Inch VIEW

Some/All of these templates will fit on a 16"x20" Press!

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