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To be eligible for samples you simply fill out the form below and join our list. You will be kept up to date on latest specials and offers as well as Free Samples. An informational email from time to time will arrive that describes our products & services for you to increase your sales.

Free samples on certain products, with or without your specific art, you just cover the shipping either by credit card or on your shipping account (Fedex, UPS, or USPS). See list below.

If you select a sample that is not on the free sample list below, a small fee per sample will be charged. Use the comment line to list the samples not on the free sample list and a quote will be provided.

If you would like to use your own artwork ( the artwork must include your logo & watermarked not for resale ) or your photo can be used ( your photo must include your logo & watermarked not for resale ).

Select up-to 4 samples you would like to receive from the list below. Then go to the website and download the template for your samples https://skprint.com/templates_list.cfm and place your art in them.

Then upload your sample order just like a normal order either through the New or Existing Customer Link. Make sure to put these items are Samples in the comment sections of the Order
   New customer link: https://skprint.com/upload_customer_info.cfm?existing=0
   Existing customer link: https://skprint.com/upload_customer_info.cfm?existing=1

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*A valid business license is required along with approval from your sales person to receive free samples.


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Use My Custom Art for Free Samples:
I would like a Sample of: ( Max: 4 Items )
  • Beach Towel ( 30"x60" Light or Heavy only )
  • Blanket ( 30"x40" Plush Feel)
  • Socks Dye Sublimated
  • Mousepad - Round or Rectangle
  • 10"x18" Rally Towel ( With or Without Hole )
  • Table Cloth ( Mini Sized Sample - Custom Art Not Available )
  • Corrugated Sign - 12"x18"
  • Aluminum Metal Dye Sublimated - 8"x10"
  • Dye Sublimated Transfer Paper ( Heat Press Required - Custom Artwork Sample Not Available )
  • Decals / Stickers ( Contour Cut - Custom Art Not Available )
  • Vinyl Banner ( Full Color / 50% ink - Custom Art Not Available )
  • 11oz Coffee Mug
  • Arm Sleeve
  • 6"x7" Rally Towel
  • Bandana
  • Another Sample NOT On This List ( Add To Comments Field Above )
My Salesperson is:
  • Steve
  • Karyn
  • Bob
  • Katie
  • Nick
  • New Customer
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