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Standard Production Time:
• 3-7 Days ( Once Artwork is Approved )

Available Products:
Crew Neck Long Sleeve (Micro Slick Feel 100% Polyester)
Crew Neck Short Sleeve (Feels Like Cotton - 100% Polyester)
Crew Neck Short Sleeve (Micro Slick Feel - 100% Polyester)
Ladies Crew Neck Short Sleeve (Feels like Cotton - 100% Polyester)
Ladies Crew Neck Short Sleeve (Miro Slick Feel - 100% Polyester)
Ladies V-Neck Short Sleeve (Micro Slick Feel - 93% Polyester)
Ringer T-Shirts - Black Trim ( 100% Cotton - DTG ONLY )
Youth Crew Neck Short Sleeve(Feels like Cotton - 100% Polyester)

T-Shirts Overview:

An all over art shirt is usually surrounded with a wonderful graphic design in its front and back view. It will always be an excellent choice for all individuals who want to wear colorful t-shirts and other types of clothing products when a special occasion is meant to be celebrated of if they want to be totally different from other people with their outstanding fashion styles that are embodying their creativeness and personal artworks.

Product Highlights:
• Fully Customizable
• Print on Both Sides
• No Color Limits
• Most are 100% Polyester

Product Details/Information:

NOTICE: Dye Sublimated products on polyester can only be printed on WHITE or LIGHT COLORED fabric as the inks are translucent. Dye Sublimation is not able to print on black or dark colors. If you are looking for dark colored shirts we can do an ALL OVER PRINT on polyester, making your shirt any color you wish, or we offer DTG which is a great option on Cotton fabric.

Skprint.com offers all over art shirt to those who want to use their personal artworks as graphic designs for their garments or t-shirts. Such product will always be an excellent choice for someone who wants to be unique and special in the eyes of other people at all times. It was designed to promote dye sub printing and to surpass the quality of all graphic designs that can be printed on a t-shirt through silk-screen printing. It exhibits great innovation and we usually perform it with the use of our most advanced dye sub printing kits that can never be found in the other famous providers of dye sub printing service all over the country.

You can send to us the digital copy of the artwork that you would like to use as a graphic design if you want to buy a sample of all over art shirt here at Skprint.com. We assure to you that our tools and dye sub printing kits will make your artwork more realistic and elegant once it has been printed on the all over art shirt that you would like to receive. Place you order now for your first all over art shirt here in our website and be amazed with the outstanding quality of the direct dye sub printing service for garments that we can offer. We offer this product to satisfy the needs of all individuals who want to save more money and time in the process of acquiring their dream t-shirts and garments.

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