Pillow Cases

Standard Production Time:

• 3-5 Days

Available Products:

• Pillow Case - 12x18 Inch - Fleece
• Pillow Case - 12x18 Inch - Microfiber + Pillow
• Pillow Case - 14x14 Inch - Microfiber
• Pillow Case - 20x30 Inch - Fleece
• Pillow Case - 20x30 Inch - Microfiber
• Pillow Case - 20x60 Inch - Fleece Body
• Pillow Case - 20x60 Inch - Microfiber

Virtual Proofs are Available!*

Are you looking for a Virtual Proof of your artwork on a printed product? Our production staff would be happy to generate a realistic Virtual Mockup Proof with your art. For best results we request that you send us your 'finished artwork' in our template so we can create the best mockup possible. Our 'blank' mockup templates are not able to be sent out to be edited by our customers at this time. Looking for a specific product proof, let us know as we may have other image options already available!

*Requests for Photo Realistic Virtual Proofs with your artwork order may require an additional charge. Ask your Sales Representative for additional information.
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Pillow Cases Overview:

Either for a great night sleep, or for decoration, our Pillow Cases are a great way to make your space your own! These make great unique gifts!

Product Information:

Our Pillow Cases come in either our smooth microfiber or soft plush fleece materials. Both print great and are sure to be a hit!

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At this time we do not have any downloadable templates for this product. Reasons for this may be due to there being no standard size ( as each item would be custom ) or we may just not have a template created for this item. If you feel that we should create a template for this product please email us at: sales@skprint.com

Some/All of these templates will fit on a 16"x20" Press!

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