20/20 Kit

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20/20 Sample Kit - 2x3 Ft Floor Mat   1
20/20 Sample Kit - Blanket   79
20/20 Sample Kit - Flag/Banner   80
20/20 Sample Kit - XL Shirt   81

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20/20 Kit Overview:

It is said that seeing is believing. Seeing products being advertised online is great, but having samples in hand that you can show off to your customers is even better. We offer a great deal to our customers who want to show off some sample products with your advertising information printed on it. Our 20/20 kit allows for you to get to choose from any 3 of our products listed below. You send us your company information and logo and we will print a sample for you to use in your showroom.

Standard Production Time:

• 3-7 Days ( Once Artwork is Approved )

Product Information:

We offer 4 great products to choose from. Our 2x3 foot floor mat is a great way to welcome customers to your business/office. Our floor mats are rubber backed to help minimize slipping. Our 50x60 inch blanket is a super soft plush blanket that your customers will want to hold and feel! You can also choose a flag or an X-Large T-Shirt as well that you can display with your information. All of our products are Dye Sublimated which lets us print your logo and images in full color!

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At this time we do not have any downloadable templates for this product. Reasons for this may be due to there being no standard size ( as each item would be custom ) or we may just not have a template created for this item. If you feel that we should create a template for this product please email us at: sales@skprint.com

These are showroom samples for you to have in your retail locations to show the quality of the products we sell here at S&K. You can customize each item with your logo and contact information. These are NOT to be designed for/sold to 3rd parties! All of our products come with a possible 10% quantity +/- increase/decrease total. These will be mostly seen with larger quantity items such as our stickers/decals, dye sub transfer sheets, mousepads, etc where there are high quantities with the same artwork on each item. The customer will be responsible for any charges for these overages at the same rate per item along with rest of the quoted order.

This template WILL NOT fit on a 16"x20" Press!

As these items are showroom samples, they will be pressed for you at S&K.

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