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Window Decals Specifications

  • Decals are printed on durable, gloss or matte vinyl.
  • Choose between full-color process or generic white available.
  • Decals are fade and weather-resistant.
  • Easy-to-apply.
  • Sticks to any clean, smooth surface.
  • Contour-cut or generic shapes available.
  • As-low-as $0.25 each

How To Apply Window Decals

  • Make sure window is wiped clean of all dirt and debris.
  • Using soapy water, spray the window location where the decal is going to be placed.
  • Remove the decal from it's protective backing.
  • Press the center of the decal to the window so only a small portion of the decal is applied to the window.
  • To prevent "buckling", work from the middle of the decal out. Apply larger portions first and then press down smaller sections using your thumb.
  • When decal is applied, carefully rub over entire decal with thumb to work out any air pockets that may have become trapped.
  • If buckling occurs, gently lift up buckled area, pull to straighten and reapply.
  • Allow 12 hours for the decal to fully cure to the window.
  • Do not wash vehicle within the first 12 hours of applying the window decal.
  • Do not use an ice or snow scraper over decal as this will cause damage to the decal.

    To remove old decals, scrape the decal using a window scraper. Pull off all remaining pieces. Once old decal is off, remove any left over residue with a window cleaning agent