Artwork FAQ's

Information about your artwork and the Check-It Art Checking system

What is the Check-It Site For?

In order to help both our customers and our printshop we have created Check-It to allow our customers to 'pre-check' their artwork to ensure that it is sized correctly for print. We require that all of our customer's artwork to be placed in one of our print templates and sized correctly which reduces production time and delays, as well as it helps to keep costs down that we pass on to you! If your artwork is sized correctly it will have the greatest chance of being approved and quickly printed for you and your customers.

Can I check an art file that is not in a template?

Well...yes, but we don't know why you would want to as the system has been designed to measure the artwork in our template and compare it to the actual template size so it will say that your artwork is not sized correctly. Any .JPG file will work, so yes, you can upload one to test it out if you wish, but you will have the best results when your artwork is in our Print Template!

I was looking for a Virtual Mockup of my product. Why does it not look like the product?

The Check-It Art Checker is designed to verify if your artwork is properly sized to print. It shows your uploaded artwork sized AS-IS in relation to the product template that you selected. It will NOT show you your artwork on VIRTUAL, Photo style products. If you are looking to see your artwork on a Virtual product we suggest you check out our website that allows you to upload your JPG artwork and see it on dozens of different products ( artwork is centered and sized for best results ) but it does not create any print templates, nor does it resize it for printing. It is ONLY a virtual product creator to show you different types of products that we offer with your artwork that you can save and show your customers...with NO S&K Print branding!

Does my art have to match the template size exactly...pixel for pixel?

In a perfect world, YES...but, we allow a 10 pixel +/- variation due to different software variations in how they save and export files. If the template is designed to be 500px wide your artwork can be within 490-510px and still show that it is GOOD! Any dimensions larger or smaller than the template dimensions by +/-11px or more will be noted as BAD and NOT IN TEMPLATE. If you see this message, please ensure that your artwork is sized properly and try again. As a note, 10px is only 0.066 not very big!

Why are products listed as Landscape and Portrait?

Some products you could easily determine the HEIGHT and WIDTH, and call them that as they only are displayed one way while other products can be printed either TALLER or WIDER so it could cause some confusion. We refer LANDSCAPE as products or layouts that are WIDER than they are TALL and PORTRAIT as products and layouts that are TALLER than they are WIDE.

I don't see my artwork in some templates, like the T-Shirt Template?

If your file was a JPG and you are not seeing any issues or errors with the page, your image DID upload. If you are not seeing your artwork on some templates, such as the T-Shirt Template it means that your artwork is TOO SMALL to be seen in the template. Your artwork has been sized, scaled, and centered to the actual template so it may mean it is too small to be seen within in the print area. In the T-Shirt Template the artwork sometimes is in the BLUE area under where the FRONT and BACK templates meet on the sleeves. Try resizing your art by placing it in the template and try again.

If my art is not in the template or sized right, where do I get the template?

We are constantly improving our Check-It site and have added product templates to the Check-It site. When you upload artwork and the system does not see that it is sized correctly a list of possible templates will be shown for that type of product. You can select your template type ( Photoshop | Corel | Illustrator ) from this list and then place and save your art and try again.

If the template is shown in only one layout option, why do you show 2?

As we can't predict what every artist will do with their art, and with our templates, we offer the option of seeing your artwork in both LANDSCAPE and PORTRAIT for most of our templates. This allows customers that may have turned the template 90 degrees to see their artwork shown properly on our site. We only created 1 template for each product, but they can be turned if the artwork requires it.

What do the different colored lines show?

The colored lines on the template represent 3 main measurements that we use during printing. As each product is produced by hand we have guidelines that all artwork must fit within. The RED line represents the SAFE AREA on the product. Anything within this RED line will be printed on the product. Anything ouside of the RED line has a greater chance of not being printed the farther away from the RED line you go. The BLACK line repsresents the approximate edge of the actual product. The actual product size may vary slightly from product to product ( due to manufacturing variations at the factory ), so we give an approximate representation to where most products will be sized to. This is NOT a guarantee that the product will be this size, or that artwork close to the edges will print properly! We try our very best to ensure that your artwork is centered and that the most amount of artwork possible is printed. The LIGHT WHITE area is the Bleed area that we require for printing items that have FULL BLEED artwork on them. Your artwork needs to extend past the product edge to make sure there is no white areas along the edges of the product when printed. As we can't control the exact size of some of the products such as blankets, towels, and shirts we have larger than needed bleed areas to make sure that any deviations in the product are covered by art. If the product is the correct size the area shown in the LIGHT WHITE area will NOT be printed and seen in the final product.

What types of files can I Check?

The Check-It Artwork File Checker can ONLY check RGB color mode files that are saved as a .JPG file type. You are not able to check other types of file such as: .AI, .EPS, .CDR, .PDF files as they do not contain the same type of file structure. Most .JPG files contain all of the sizing informaiton that our checker looks for, and it is the preferred file type for print!

What size should my files be?

Your artwork should be saved in one of our print templates. The template size, including all BLEED areas and printing registration/crop marks is factored into the Check-It system and need to be included in your artwork sizing. You should also ensure that your files are saved at 150dpi for the file resolution which will match our printing requirements as well as the Check-It product dimensions.

What resolution should my files be saved as?

All artwork files that you wish to check in the Check-It Artwork Checking system need to be saved using a 150 DPI ( Dots Per Inch ) measurement. Any other DPI used in your artwork will cause the artwork to not fit properly and will have a great chance of not being approved by our art department, causing production delays and art changes on your end. If your artwork is saved correctly, at the right size and DPI it will fill the template correctly and give you a notice that the artwork is sized right.

My artwork looks way too big in the Check-It Template. Why?

Most likely your artwork is not saved at the right size and/or resolution. Please ensure that your artwork is saved to the correct template size and the resolution is set to 150dpi. If your artwork is saved to a DPI as something higher such as 200dpi or 300dpi it will look like your artwork is too big and does not properly fit in the template. Check your image dimensions and resolution and try again once they are correct.

I am looking for a specific product that is not listed. What do I do?

We are working as quickly as we can to add all of our products, but as we have hundreds of products it will take some time to get them all created. If there is a specific product that you really would like to see listed please let us know by calling 1-888-355-0345 or email us at and let us know what product(s) you would like to see added to the Check-It site. We will get to all of them, but as it is a new site, we are working on our most popular products first.

Can I use my uploaded artwork to place an order?

At this time it is not possible to use your uploaded artwork to directly order from The Check-It system only lets you see if your artwork is sized correctly so you will still have to use our ordering system and upload your artwork there.

Does this work on a mobile device?

Yes, but No. The software will work on all devices, including mobile devices such as a cell phone or tablet, but the image renderings may extend off the edge of the phone so you may have to scroll both vertically and horizontally. It is not intended to work work on a small mobile device as most artwork that is in a template is most likely on a computer ( as it requires imaging/graphics software to add art to the template ). There is not any timeframe of making this a moble friendly application, but you can use it knowing it may not display properly.

My artwork is sized correctly but it shows it is not. What do I do?

As we have tried to ensure that ALL possible combinations of artwork have been tested, there may be something that we have overlooked as there is an almost infinite amount of artwork sizes that the system will be able to check. As this is a NEW system we are constantly testing it with different artwork types and sizes to ensure that they are reporting correctly, but there may be a piece of art that somehow gets reported as not sized correctly, but you are sure it is. We would love to look into this so it does not happen to other customers so please email the file ( we will need the exact file you used in the system so we can test to determine the error ), or file location, to and let us know that you used the Check-It system and it incorrectly reported your correctly sized artwork. Our development team will quickly look into this!