Scrolling Banner

Production Time:

• 5-7 Days

Available Products:

• Scrolling Banner - Motorized

Scrolling Banner Overview:

Staying ahead of the competition needs ultimate creativity. With our innovative scrolling banner products, you can become even more competitive in your industry. We will help you deliver your exact message to your target audience with a portable display. In fact, our scrolling banners are the ideal solutions for your marketing efforts. It will simply help you expose your business in your local area.

Product Information:

Our scrolling banners are up to 7’ tall which conveniently scrolls on both sides. It is made with stretch fabric as we avoid using vinyl. Our products are absolutely replaceable artwork with very lightweight and portable features. The great advantage of using our scrolling banners is that, they are both non-motorized and motorized, you choose. Once you get the product, it is complete and conveniently ready to use and display in your desired spot. S&K Printshop’s scrolling banners are unique since they have stretch fabric. Try it now and successfully increase your sales and customer base. Our scrolling banners are different than most of the others on the market as ours uses a stretch fabric for our banner which reduces weight, makes storage easier and keeps reflections to a minimum for easy viewing. The base is weighted for most applications when used indoors so you should not need to add extra weights. The display comes with a handy built in power cord for easy plugging in to a 110v outlet to allow it to scroll either bottom to top or from top to bottom.

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Scrolling Banner Information Video:


The fabric that is used is very durable and lightweight. The material is one continuous loop after we have the ends sewn together. The Scrolling Banner will scroll in either direction. To change the direction of the scroll make sure that the Scrolling Banner is plugged in and operating. While it is moving, gently grab the fabric on one edge and tug either up or down. This will cause the Scrolling Banner to move in the opposite direction. It does not take much of a TUG, so major force is not needed!

This template WILL NOT fit on a 16"x20" Press!

As the Scrolling Banner artwork is very long, over 12 feet, it will not fit on most presses. This will only be able to be pressed using a Rotary Press.

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