Car Mats


Standard Production Time:

• 3-5 Days

Available Products:

• Car Floor Mats - Front Set
• Car Floor Mats - Rear Set

Virtual Proofs are Available!*

Are you looking for a Virtual Proof of your artwork on a printed product? Our production staff would be happy to generate a realistic Virtual Mockup Proof with your art. For best results we request that you send us your 'finished artwork' in our template so we can create the best mockup possible. Our 'blank' mockup templates are not able to be sent out to be edited by our customers at this time. Looking for a specific product proof, let us know as we may have other image options already available!

*Requests for Photo Realistic Virtual Proofs with your artwork order may require an additional charge. Ask your Sales Representative for additional information.
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Car Mats Overview:

Car mats are excellent money-making items, where you can able to print artwork, photos and logos. Now, you can able to protect your vehicle interior and present unique message that will make your passenger smile, laugh and comfortable. With this, making impact is easier and simpler. Make your car classy and striking; this is ideal gift and souvenir too.

Product Information:

We offer mats for both the front and rear of vehicles. The car mats that we offer are a universal fit that should fit most cars. Our front mats are approx. 27x17 inches and the rear mats are approx. 17x13 inches.

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S&K Overview Video:

Vehicle Products: CAR FLOOR MAT - Front VIEW
Vehicle Products: CAR FLOOR MAT - Rear VIEW

Our Car Floor Mats are sold individually so you are able to customize each one for your vehicle. The mats have a short fiber top which will catch the dirt and grime and a rubber like back that will help to keep it from sliding around in your vehicle. There are 2 different templates for the Car Floor Mats ( the front mats can be used on the Driver or Passenger side of the vehicle ). All of our products come with a possible 10% quantity +/- increase/decrease total. These will be mostly seen with larger quantity items such as our stickers/decals, dye sub transfer sheets, mousepads, etc where there are high quantities with the same artwork on each item. The customer will be responsible for any charges for these overages at the same rate per item along with rest of the quoted order.

This template WILL NOT fit on a 16"x20" Press!

The front mats are too large to fit in a standard press and will require the use of a larger format press. The rear mats may fit a 16x20 press, but it will not fit a smaller press.

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