Available Products:

• Socks - Ankle - AL1 (Large - Dark Art)
• Socks - Ankle - AS1 (Small - Dark Art)
• Socks - Crew - AC1 (Dark Art)
• Socks - Crew - AC2 (Knee High Cotton Foot - Light Art)
• Socks - Crew - AC3 (Knee High - Dark Art)
• Socks - Crew - AC4 (Knee High Cotton Foot - Dark Art)
• Socks - Crew - AC5 ( Dark Art ) Diamond Weave
• Socks - Crew - AC6 ( Light Art ) Diamond Weave
• Socks - Crew - AC7 (Dark Art - 1 Small)
• Socks - Crew - AC7 (Dark Art - 2 Medium)
• Socks - Crew - AC7 (Dark Art - 3 Large)
• Socks - Crew - AC7 (Dark Art - 4 X-Large)
• Socks - Dress Sock - Crew
• Socks - Dress Sock - LS420
• Socks - Tube - AT1 (Dark Art)
• Socks - Tube - AT2 (Light Art)
• Socks - Tube - AT3 (Knee High Cotton Foot - Light Art)
• Socks - Tube - AT4 (Knee High Cotton Foot - Dark Art)
• Socks - Youth Tube - YT1 (Knee High - Dark Art)
• Socks - Youth Tube - YT2 (Dark Art)

Standard Production Time:

• 3-5 Days

Virtual Proofs are Available!

Socks Overview:

The socks that you are wearing says more about of your personality. This is the reason why people who are very particular with the dress the dress they are wearing often makes use of the best socks that could reflect their mood of the day. Well, whatever type of socks you are looking for, S&K Printshop can always give you want you wanted that suits your interest and needs.

       • S&K Exclusive Dark Art Sock
       • Ankle to Knee High Available

Product Information:

S & K Printshop offers wide array of socks that includes socks-crew, socks-tube, socks-LAT-L-Light Artwork, DAT-L sock, socks- dot dot dot and socks- DAT-L-Dark artwork. These are the socks that they are offering which offers optimal comfort and convenience to the wearer. Some of the high quality features which makes these socks completely different from others are as follows:

• Our socks are made of polyester legs and black cotton feet which makes it soft and comfortable to be used.
• Our socks are machine washable ( Line Dry ).
• All season kind of socks hence you can choose the best sock that suits to your needs and interest.
• It promotes anti-odor kind of technology.
• High quality socks that is made with fine cotton, stylish design and very fashionable socks that can be worn all the time no matter what the occasion is.
• Offers extra cushioning and complete toughness you highly need especially during tiring and long day work.
• Full reinforcement and soft comfort which means that this sock can hold up wear after wear.

The high quality features of these socks is already an assurance that it is worth for the time, money and effort you are going to spent. This will give you the maximum comfort and convenience you are looking for.