Available Products:

• Wall Clock - Round - 11.75 Inch
• Wall Clock - Rte 66 Style - 11.25in
• Wall Clock - Square - 12x12 Inch

Standard Production Time:

• 3-5 Days

Virtual Proofs are Available!

Clocks Overview:

There are some things in this world that are always constant, change will always happen and time will go on! Why not keep track of that time with a custom printed wall clock with your favorite photo or graphics. We offer both a round and square clock for you to choose from. If you want to give a truly unique gift we offer clocks with an aerial photo of almost any location (we are licensed to use Bing aerial photos).

       • Round, Square or Rte 66!
       • Clock Hardware Included
       • Lightweight Aluminum
       • Makes a Great Gift!
       • * 1 AA Battery Required

Product Information:

We now have multiple sizes and shapes for our clocks. We now have Round, Square and our new Rte 66 shaped metal so you can create your own piece of history! Our round clocks are 11.75 inches and have all of the mounting and clock movements ready to go. These are great to display round graphics or images. Our square clocks can be used either in a square or diamond layout (rotated 45°) to give 2 different looks. These square clocks are 12 inches on each side giving a large art canvas. Our Route 66 clocks have the shape of the highway signs and are 11.25 inches at the widest point. Please note that 1 AA batter will be required ( as it is not supplied with the clock ) and the clock hand styles may/will vary.