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5/4 - What dpi does my artwork get printed at?

Ownership of Account Content / Authorized Written Permission to Produce

I (the customer/artist/one submitting the artwork(s) or photo(s) hereafter referred to as "I") do hereby declare and warrant that I am the copyright owner of the print, artwork, digital image, negatives, or other material (hereafter referred to as "photo") which I am submitting. I hereby grant an non-exclusive license to Bo15, Inc. (skprint.com) and S&K Manufacturing, Inc. and its agents to reproduce these photos and return them to my agents, or me and I represent that I have the legal authority to grand such a license. I agree to pay the charges for the processing and printing of these photos /artwork to indemnify and hold harmless Bo15,Inc. (skprint.com) and S&K Manufacturing, Inc. and its agents from any and all liability, Damages and expenses (including actual attorney's fees) that may incur as a result of processing or printing these photos / artwork, including any claims brought by any other person claiming an interest in the photos or their subject matter. Bo15, Inc. (skprint.com) and S&K Manufacturing, Inc. do not have any responsibility for whether or not you do or do not have rights to print your files that you submitted.

In order for Bo15, Inc. (skprint.com) and S&K Manufacturing, Inc. to process your order you will either need to be the ORIGINAL ARTWORK CREATOR or you will need to have an ARTWORK RIGHTS AGREEMENT saying that you have permission of the Artwork Creator to reproduce their image(s). Please note that even if you created ORIGINAL artwork but your artwork contains material that is owned or copyrighted by another individual/group/company/etc. you will need to have a written agreement from the owner allowing you the use of the art/design.